Wildfire History

The Wildfire History data set describes perimeters for fires captured from 1910 to 2021 using both manual and modern data collection methods.

Truckee Meadows Urban Tree Canopy

This data set was developed as part of the Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) Assessment for Truckee Meadows (Reno-Sparks, Nevada), 2012. Data was derived from 2010 4-band leaf-on National Agricultural Imagery […]

State Parks and Recreation Areas

The State Parks and Recreation Areas layer provides the boundaries for state park and recreation areas in Nevada. These data only represent the park boundaries with limited descriptive information.

Healthy Forest Restoration Areas

The Healthy Forest Restoration Areas layer provides Section 602 designated areas. These data were developed and approved by the U.S. Forest Service in 2014 and have not been updated since.

Forest Legacy Areas

The Forest Legacy Areas layer provides the boundaries for the major forest conservation areas in Nevada. The Forest Legacy Program (FLP) is a conservation program administered by the U.S. Forest […]