The Truckee Meadows Regional Plan is the foundation for a well-planned and resilient community which supports our unique quality of life and promotes the distinct characteristics of our region.

Why is it important for the Truckee Meadows to plan regionally?

The answer, quite simply, is because the impacts of growth know no boundaries. Our day to day lives, and their impacts, often play out across different locations, for instance someone can live in Sparks, work in Reno and play in Washoe County. Given that the physical layout of our region means that residents can be moving in and out of different cities and the unincorporated county at multiple points throughout the day, it is vital that our region think together about what is best for our future in terms of land use planning.

Executive Summary

Want to get the rundown of the 2019 Truckee Meadows Regional Plan?

Take a look at our executive summary which looks at engagement, key overall changes, scenario planning, new key policy concepts, and implementation of our Regional Vision.

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Introduction Materials

Table of Contents

About the Plan

Creating and carrying out the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan is a cooperative effort involving a large number of individuals, agencies, and organizations. Reno, Sparks, Washoe County and others implement the Regional Plan through their planning and regulatory efforts, capital improvement programs, and other processes.

A contextual history on the planning of our region.

Together, we crafted a shared vision of what our community is striving to achieve in terms of land use and development over the next 20 years and documented what factors helped to guide the creation of regulatory policies that ensure we meet that vision.

A look at the results of the scenario planning process.

In order to implement the Regional Vision for Growth and meet the Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) requirements, this Chapter of the Plan describes policies and actions that the Region will implement through various means, whether it is the review of applicable plans to ensure that they are in conformance with the Regional Plan by implementing the policies found within this Chapter, the creation of certain committees to discuss various topics, the creation of separate plans or work plan items to better
understand a topic, or the annual tracking of performance of the Plan’s implementation.

Coordination with the wider region and call to action.


PRS RPC Resolution

Amendment Table 

2018 Washoe County Consensus Forecast

Policy and Concept section overviews

Chapter 3 is divided in to five sections, which closely resemble the NRS requirements for contents of the comprehensive Regional Plan. It should be noted that many of the topics and policies are related to various others sections, but for ease of readership, policies and concepts were grouped into the most applicable section. 

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For optimum detail, the 2019 Regional Plan Maps are designed to be printed on 24″ x 32″ paper using a large format printer. Maps are available in PDF format only and can be down-scaled for printing at smaller sizes (e.g. 11″ x 17″).

Regional Data Viewer 

Story map

For this Regional Plan, TMRPA used scenarios as a tool to foster a collaborative discussion around how we would like to see the Truckee Meadows region grow. Users have the ability to check out an interactive story map detailing four unique scenarios of the future based on different locational priorities for development and differing ranges of housing product mix.

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The Regional Plan is not a static document and can be amended. 

For information regarding this process, please see the Regional Plan Amendments page.