Natural Resources Plan

Request For Qualifications Submittal

Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency is issuing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for consulting services to assist in the development of a Natural Resources Plan. The objective of this RFQ is to develop a Natural Resource Plan that will help connect long-rangeland use, transportation, and resource planning efforts.

Submittals should include:

  1. Introduction: provide a brief letter of introduction on the consultant’s letterhead.
  2. Professional Qualifications: describe the professional credentials of the consultant and team.
  3. Capability and Experience: provide a profile of experiences that illustrate the consultant’s creative approach to similar projects including information pertaining to timeliness, staying within budget, and working with others in a team environment to meet the client’s needs.
  4. Approach: provide a framework or general approach to address the project objectives and goals that does not exceed two (2) pages. TMRPA recognizes that the specific tasks for the project will be developed during Phase 1; however, TMRPA seeks to understand the general approach the consultant will take.
  5.  References: provide information and a minimum of two references on work relating to natural resource projects.
  6. Proposed Fees and Costs: provide a listing of fees for members of the consulting team who would be involved in the project, including any support personnel.
  7. A statement of willingness (or unwillingness) to undertake designated tasks for a flat fee for the project, i.e. “all inclusive” fee for all services.


A link to the full RFQ document can be found here!


Please use the form provided below for your RFQ submittal. The maximum file upload size is 20 MB.  

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact TMRPA with any questions regarding the RFQ.



NR Plan RFQ Upload

Natural Resources Plan, RFQ Submittal
Maximum file size allowed is 20 MB. If needed you may upload multiple files. If you have any upload issues, please contact input@tmrpa.org.

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