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The 2012 Truckee Meadows Regional Plan (Regional Plan) provides a blueprint for development in Washoe County over the next 20 years. The Regional Plan directs where growth will occur, identifies development constrained areas that are not suitable for future development, sets priorities for infrastructure development and addresses natural resource management. The Plan also coordinates provision of services and capital improvements from the local governments and affected entities in the region.

Aims of the 2012 Regional Plan

In broad terms, the Regional Plan aims to:

  • Minimize sprawl by directing growth to the core of the region, promoting infill strategies, and promoting transit oriented development
  • Optimize capital investment and maintenance costs for infrastructure
  • Constrain development on areas such as playas, wetlands, and slopes over 30% (steep slopes) and require local governments to prepare and maintain management plans for development on hillsides
  • Coordinate future development with availability of services, facilities and natural resources to support that development, and
  • Promote cooperation among local governments

The 2012 Truckee Meadows Regional Plan was adopted by the Regional Planning Governing Board (RPGB) on July 18, 2013 and the text portion of the Plan is available for download below.

Adopted 2012 Regional Plan

2012 Regional Plan Maps

The Regional Plan is not a static document and can be amended. For information regarding this process, please see the Regional Plan Amendments page.