Housing Study Animations

Allocation Scenario Animations

Check out our housing animations – by clicking on each image – which show historical development from 1940 to 2015 and different patterns of predicted development out to 2035. The two scenarios of future development begin with the forecast for growth of 128,000 new people in the region by 2035, resulting in demand for about 50,600 new housing units.

1A: Classic Scenario 




The Classic Scenario assumes that

the Truckee Meadow’s development

pattern over the 2015 to 2035 period

is similar to development in the region

over the last 15 years.

2A: McCarran Scenario


The McCarran Scenario assumes a more

compact development pattern when

compared to the Classic Scenario.

The McCarran Scenario places

more development within the

McCarran ring (25% of forecasted units).


*Please give time for each animation to load