Regional Planning Commission Training Opportunities

NRS 278.0265 requires that Regional Planning Commission members must receive at least 12 hours of training related to land use planning and Chapter 241 of NRS, which entails meetings of State and local agencies. New members must complete training in Chapter 241 of NRS. The following are resources that can be used towards the required 12 hours of training, as adopted by the Regional Planning Governing Board on April 9, 2015.

Using the RPC Self-Certification Form, please list the materials used and total hours of training, and return the form to TMRPA staff.

Reports, Books and Articles (by topic)

Planning for a Region

Regionalism on Purpose | Report (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) – 48 pages
Regional Planning in America: Practice and Prospect | Book (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) – Chapter 1 (20 pages) available electronically, full book also available
The Power of Eds and Meds: Urban Universities Investing in Neighborhood Revitalization and Innovation Districts | Report (Penn Institute for Urban Research) – 56 pages
Getting Smarter about Smart Cities | Article (Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings) – 8 pages

Recognizing Economic Drivers and Trends

Chasing the Past or Investing in our Future: Placemaking for Prosperity in the New Economy | Report (Land Policy Institute at Michigan State University) – 112 pages
The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America | Report (Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings) – 34 pages
Restore: Commercial and Mixed-Use Development Trends in the Rocky Mountain West | Report (Sonoran Institute) – 52 pages

Understanding Growth and How to Plan for It

Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and other Excess Entitlements | Report (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) – 64 pages
Determinants of Change in the Intermountain West | Working Paper (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) – 44 pages
Housing in America: Integrating Housing, Health, and Resilience in a Changing Environment | Report (Urban Land Institute) – 40 pages
Infrastructure 2014: Shaping the Competitive City | Report (Urban Land Institute) – 36 pages


Planning for Economic and Fiscal Health (October, 2013); 1 hour
Truckee Meadows Livable Communities Guest Speaker Series

1. Robert Wassmer, Causes of Urban Sprawl (March, 2005); 1 hour
2. Chris Leinberger, Smart Growth on the Ground (March, 2005); 1.25 hours
3. William Fulton, Three Stages of Growth Management (April, 2005); 1 hour
4. Fred Kent, Building Great Communities Through Placemaking (April, 2005); 1.5 hours
5. Stacey Lomer, Reno Revitalized (April, 2005); 45 minutes

Governor Parris N. Glendening, Smart Growth – Maryland, Nevada and Nationwide (October, 2005); 1 hour
Luther Probst, Hallmarks for Success for Western Communities (May, 2006); 1 hour
Smart Growth America, Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns: Madison, WI (April, 2015);  1 hour

Other Resources

Orientation meeting with TMRPA staff – 1 hour
NRS Chapter 241, Meetings of State and Local Agencies
Lincoln Land Institute Resources and Tools
Regional Collaboration
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Online Education – This resource provides access to online courses in items such as:

  • Comprehensive Planning: Introduction and Planning Principles
  • Land Use and Property Rights in America
  • Local Communities Adapting to Climate Change
  • Resolving Land Use Disputes

To receive login information, please contact TMRPA at 775-321-8385

Brookings Institution YouTube Channel – The Rise of Innovation Districts
          Presentation by Bruce Katz supplemented by a Panel Discussion (23 minutes, and 1 hour respectively)

National and State APA Conferences, the Western Planner conferences, and other land use conferences and local government training sessions